Vote & Elect Kevin Edmonds as Your Next City of Dickinson Mayor

Kevin Edmonds

For City of Dickinson Mayor

My name is Kevin Edmonds. I am asking for your vote to elect me as your next Mayor of the City of Dickinson. I am running because I have genuine desire to lead and propel our city forward.

A great city is measured by the quality of the life of the people who live and work in it.

Our city needs a leader who will insist that conducting the business of the public is done openly, with the public’s and tax payor’s interest as his priority.

Fair, Honest & Open Government

Budget shortfalls and overspending cannot be an acceptable manner of doing business. I will hold those accountable who mishandle and misuse our money. (A prime example of this is the Red, White, Bayou festival budgeted cost overrun).

Retaliating against our police officers will not be an acceptable method of running an efficient and effective government.

We need a mayor that is willing to listen and balance the needs of every city employee, citizen, culture, and background.

I will insist that all members of the council have an equal voice for matters of public interest to be placed on our agendas for consideration.

I will oppose any effort for the city to take over our Dickinson Chamber of Commerce or any other like kind private organization.

We do not need bigger government.

I will apply my experience to evaluate and consider our needs for continuous improvement to our streets and drainage issues.

I will always look ahead to ensure sufficient city services will be available to support and facilitate growth.

I will be approachable and responsive to the needs of the citizens and businesses already established here, and those considering making Dickinson their next home or place of business.

I will ensure our emergency services departments and personnel receive the funding and resources necessary to keep the citizens of Dickinson safe.

I will insist that positions on our citizen boards are filled by citizens rather than council members.

I will make the most of every opportunity that gives the City of Dickinson a chance to be a showcase city.

I am asking for your support and would be honored if you allowed me to serve you, as your next Mayor.

How the Mayor Does Govt…

“The Dick of Dickinson”…

“Still Dickin’ Around”…

How the Mayor “does” Govt…

How the Mayor treats its community…

Don't Forget to Vote!

Election/Voting Day is Saturday, May 6th, 2023, from 7am - 7pm

Early Voting is:
Monday April 24th - Friday April 28th from 8am-5pm &
Monday May 1st - Tuesday May 2nd from 7am-7pm.









We need volunteers to help call, block walk, deliver signs and be apart of the campaign to get the word out. Contact us


As you know, every campaign takes time and money. We welcome any donation to this campaign. Contact to donate or mail checks to: PO Box 1544, Dickinson, Tx. 77539


If you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas to help in this campaign, I would love to chat with you.